China Chi Wei Bao Supplement : Zhong Guo Zhi Wei Bao (S49) : OS

China Chi Wei Bao Supplement : Zhong Guo Zhi Wei Bao (S49) : OS
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Product Description

According to the Oriental healing therapy, botanical combination helps promote healthy bodily functions. The unique herbal ingredients in China Chi Wei Bao help support the body's natural digestive processes.

Functions and indications:
Coursing liver and nourishing the stomach. Use for gastric ulcer, duodenum ulcer, gastricism, acid stomach, gastrectasia, dyspepsia, insufficiency of qi and blood, gastralgia, stomach duck pain due to qi depression and stagnation, bellyache, weak construction and qi vacuity.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

As a dietary supplment, take 1 bottle twice a day

Active ingredients
Tangerine, Cang-zhu atractylodes, Chinese skullcap, Radish, Cyperus, Poria, Chinese peony, Rehamannia.

Net Wt
3.2 oz/90g (0.32 oz x 10 bottles)

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